About us

About us

Growing the finest brands

The Finest is a creative pr agency with love for the finest things in life.

We enjoy working for feel-good brands and organizations with positive stories. Brands that make life a little bit better for many people. We inspire them to be distinctive and help them grow with the power of publicity, communication, and campaigns. This way, brands receive the attention they deserve.

Free publicity leads to increased brand awareness, trust in a brand, and more sales. Last but not least: brands with a compelling story outperform the competition.

Our services:

  • Traditional press pitching
  • Influencer collabs
  • Creative press drops
  • Integrated campaigns (earned, owned, shared, paid media)
  • Concepting
  • Brainstorm sessions
  • Press events
  • Press trips
  • Content creation
  • Co-branding
TOT-PR bureau-communicatiebureau-Rotterdam-
TOT-PR bureau-communicatiebureau-Rotterdam-
TOT-PR bureau-communicatiebureau-Rotterdam-

This is us

  • Powerful network
    PR means working with people. Our database consists of journalists, influencers, and suppliers we enjoy working with. Thanks to our excellent network we get things done.
  • Create impact
    We know how to create positive impact. From small-sized to large companies, from brands to governmental organisations. For more than 25 years: we are here to stay!
  • Think global
    We think global, and act local. Whether at home or abroad, we always work with the best experts with relevant networks for our clients. We think over and above national frontiers and we speak several languages.
  • Yes, we can
    We think in terms of possibilities and solutions. Strategy is one of our strengths, but we also like to execute, because we love results. Short campaigns, annual plans: we can do it.
  • Idea overload
    Eye-catching campaigns, that's what we love. We create positive brand impact with powerful, feasable ideas based on a clever strategy.
  • Long term
    Creating sustainable awareness is not a quick win. Good campaigns take time and ambitious brands that go for long-term impact. We also have a fine track record of clients that already work many years with us.