Intergalactic pr for Chichibu

One of the most exclusive whiskey distilleries is Chichibu, famous and appreciated by whiskey enthusiasts from all over the world for their very special and (mostly) limited production. Salud Distribution is their representative and distributor in the Netherlands and the co-creator of the beloved Chichibu Intergalactic series. The 5th and 6th editions of this unique collection were launched in the fall of 2021, following the introduction of editions 3 + 4 (2020) and 1 + 2 (2019). Chichibu’s Intergalactic series are extremely rare, with only 200 bottles (one cask) per edition. On the launch date, they are sold for astronomical prices, are sold out within minutes, and the day after the launch, they are worth twice as much. A phenomenon in the market… not only very tasteful but also due to the spectacular design, it is an attractive investment.

Photo credits Lot Nijhof - witte achtergrond
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Salud asked The Finest to involve all relevant Dutch media in the launch of the newest Intergalactic Series.

3, 2, 1…LIFT OFF!


We devised various angles for different PR target groups: from extensive one-to-one sessions with the press to astronomical product mailings to whiskey influencers. Lastly, we invited a few key contacts for an unforgettable evening at Salud’s headquarters.


In short: skyrocketing buzz around Chichibu throughout the PR network. Interviews with AD and De Telegraaf, an interview on BNR, publications on lifestyle platforms such as Villa d’Arte and Manify. Influencers shared their tasting experiences with Chichibu on social media.