Don Papa Rum

Don Papa Rum

Sugarlandia is calling

When we think of rum, we often think of the Caribbean, but on the other side of the world, they also produce high-end rum. Don Papa Rum is a premium, aged, single-island rum from the Philippines, made on the fertile slopes of the active volcano Mt. Kanlaon on the tropical island of Sugarlandia. And, of course, this name didn’t come from nowhere…



Positioning Filipino rum on the Dutch map as premium rum. Increasing the brand awareness of Don Papa Rum among the target audience through press and influencers.


Based on a PR retainer, we got to work for Don Papa Rum. We provided tailor-made content for journalists, sent out samples, content, and imagery, organized Don Papa Rum events, and even took a beautiful group of press to the tropical Sugarlandia in the Philippines.


Continuous attention for Don Papa Rum throughout the year in print and online media, as well as on social media. With a reach of millions of Dutch people through (online) magazines and newspapers such as Dagblad van het Noorden, Cosmopolitan, and De Telegraaf, and a PR value of over €1,200,000, valuable earned attention for Don Papa Rum. Social media attention with a total of almost 500,000 followers.