Good Natured

Good Natured

Good Natured’s Dutch strawberries

Visual credits: Laura’s Bakery

Good Natured is a soft fruit brand with the tastiest, fresh berries: from sweet Dutch strawberries, crunchy blueberries, fresh raspberries and blackberries, to sweet and sour red currants. Each one is full of flavor and available all year round. Good Natured also produces its fruit using the most environmentally friendly and sustainable methods, giving an extra good feeling.

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How do you put a national favourite like the Dutch strawberries in the spotlight? And how do you put a creative spin on produce that everyone is familiar with already?


We developed a creative PR campaign, combining tasting Good Natured strawberries with compelling content.

There are plenty of fun facts about strawberries that most people don’t know. For example, did you know that the tip of the strawberry is the sweetest part? Or that the strawberry is actually not a fruit, but a pseudofruit? Yes indeed, fooled you, the seeds, which a strawberry carries on the outside, are actually the fruits.

These sweet, tasty strawberries you simply have to taste, so we personally delivered one kilogram of bright red, fresh strawberries to journalists and influencers. Who wouldn’t want that?


Plenty of online buzz with free publicity from food writers like Janny van der Heijden and Yvette van Boven, as well as food/lifestyle titles such as FavorFlav, Amayzine, Food & Friends, and Culy. In total, 35 online publications and on social media from 13 different titles.