Toasting alcohol-free with Vilarnau

González Byass’s Vilarnau produces sparkling Cava in the vicinity of Barcelona. With Vilarnau 0.0, they enter the market of alcohol-free sparkling wines. We have put this alcohol-free, low-calorie, and vegan bubble from Vilarnau in the spotlight with a PR campaign.

Vilarnau 1
beeld 2
Vilarnau 3
Vilarnau 4
Vilarnau 5
Vilarnau 6


There is still much to be gained in terms of taste perception of alcohol-free (sparkling) wine in the public opinion and in the media. The Finest’s goal: to convince Dutch press and consumers of the promising taste and quality of the new Vilarnau 0.0% Cava. Tasting is believing!


The driving force behind this PR & communication approach for Vilarnau was a “product drop” of the two attractive bottles in a colorful packaging that fits the brand’s style.

We provided press in the Netherlands with appealing visuals, interesting and current trends (such as NOLO), and creative bite-sized content. The two bottles were sent to selected and personally approached press, bloggers, and influencers from our network, in the categories of lifestyle, food, drink, mommy media, and vegan.

Finally, we collaborated with online platforms such as Living The Green Life to achieve even more online reach among relevant consumers.


Various publications in print, such as in Delicious Magazine, online publications on major food blogs like De Hippe Vegetariër, Francesca Kookt, and more!

The end result of this campaign:

A consumer reach of at least 1,500,000
Free publicity in 35 media titles: online and print.
Extra media opportunity with online platform Living The Green Life
Paid collaboration with wine influencer India Donisi
Publication on website or socials by more than 20 influencers