Vins d’Alsace

Vins d’Alsace

Classic wine rout in France

The Alsace wine route, “La route des vins d’Alsace,” is a 170-kilometer journey through a picturesque landscape with an endless array of gastronomy, culture, and architecture. The route starts in Marlenheim in the north and ends in the southern village of Thann.



How do you increase the name recognition of a French wine region and its wine route in the Netherlands?


We developed a PR campaign around the 70th anniversary of the Tourneé d’Alsace – the Alsace wine route. Not only is it the oldest wine route in France, but also, during the summer months, festivals and tastings are organized along the route to celebrate it.

We shared these unique stories with wine journalists and food and lifestyle titles through a press release, samples, and personal contact to generate unique content.


With over 15 publications in various print and online titles such as Leven in Frankrijk, Dagblad van het Noorden, Foodies Magazine, Margriet, and Telegraaf, Alsace has effectively put its wine route on the map for Dutch consumers.

With an online reach of 5,250,000 and a print reach of 1,750,000 Dutch individuals, the Alsace region has successfully promoted its wine route to the Dutch audience.