Visit Antwerp

Visit Antwerp

Visit Antwerp the Diamond Capital

Dutch people primarily see Antwerp as a fun city trip destination, but the rest of the world knows the city mainly for its diamonds. A staggering 86% of all rough diamonds are traded in Antwerp, and every diamond in the world passes through the city at least once. It’s no wonder that the Belgian city has been called the Diamond Capital of the world for over 5 centuries. This is something we highlight for Visit Antwerp.



Increasing attention to the city of Antwerp among Dutch consumers, raising awareness of Antwerp as the Diamond Capital of the world, and generating more Dutch tourism in the city.


We spread the message that Antwerp wants Amsterdam’s Diamond Street back, with a nod to Antwerp as the Diamond Capital. Additionally, we took a group of lifestyle journalists to Antwerp to immerse them in the splendor of the diamond city, with visits to the DIVA Diamond Museum, a tour of the Golden Streets and the Diamond Quarter, and dining experiences at exquisite restaurants.


Free publicity in magazines such as Happy in Shape, JFK, and Harper’s Bazaar. A print reach of up to 450,000 in circulation and an online reach of over 1,300,000 Dutch consumers.