Seaside town Oostende

Seaside town Oostende

Press trip to seaside town Oostende

Shrimp croquettes are the edible heritage of the Belgian town of Oostende. To put this fashionable seaside town on the map, we took Dutch culinary journalists and foodie influencers to the annual shrimp croquette festival.

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Promoting the seaside resort of Oostende to the Dutch audience on behalf of the tourist organization Visit Oostende.


Shrimp croquettes are an essential part of Ostend’s culinary history. Once a year, 11 restaurants compete for the prestigious title of ‘Best Ostend Shrimp Croquette’. It’s up to the visitors to taste them all and cast their vote. Both a people’s choice award and a prize from the professional jury are awarded.

To showcase the culinary heritage, and thus the seaside resort itself, The Finest Netherlands took Dutch culinary and food journalists to the festival to taste the various croquettes and, of course, to learn how to make croquettes themselves from a real shrimp croquette master.


  • Various online publications from Culy and FavorFlav
  • 3 print publications, from media such as the AD
  • Nice attention amongst Dutch foodies 😊

*in collaboration with Olifant Media.

Would you like to make a shrimp croquette yourself? Click here!