Privacy statement

Privacy statement


Your privacy is important to us

On 25 May 2018, the new European privacy legislation came into effect. Privacy is something we take very seriously. We treat the data of our clients and relations carefully. Transparency is an important part of this and that is why we are happy to explain what we do with this data.


Our website is SEO optimised. This means that we can see for instance who visits our website, when and how long. These statistics are recorded to enable us to make our website more user-friendly.

Retention period

We retain personal data until it is no longer needed or until we are requested to remove it. This data is for our own use only and is not shared with third parties.

Not sure?

If you have any questions with regard to personal data, please contact The Finest via


Cookie use and registration


Cookies are there to make it easier for visitors to use our website. These are small files that store data from visitors, so the data does not need to be entered again and again.

They are read by the user's browser when an internet page is opened.
If the user does not enter personal data on the visited website, the cookies cannot store this information either. In principle, cookies are not dangerous; they are not computer programs and cannot be used to distribute computer viruses.

When a visitor opens our website, a notification appears with the request to enable cookies. Every visitor is free to decide whether they want to agree to this or not. The cookies can also be disabled or removed at any time.

We use different types of cookies:

- Technical cookies: these ensure that data is remembered, preferences are stored and the (mobile)website is displayed correctly.

- Analytical cookies: these provide insight into how the website is used, so we can optimise it. This is done for instance through Google Analytics.